Welcome to World Trotter!


Hello, my name is Raleigh. I studied biology at Humboldt State University, and graduated December 2016. I grew up exploring Los Angeles and have broadened my horizons of exploration in the United States over the last couple years. But now, I’m broadening them even more. I am indefinitely traveling until I need to return home for family or until I run out of money. I was been working the last three years in the Ambassador program at Humboldt State University and saved enough to live a couple months in the US or a lifetime in India. I’m searching for the purpose of my life, and truth. One thing I know isn’t true is that all we are bound for one monotonous cycle of struggle. I am discovering how to free myself from the weights of materialism and how to live more and more with less and less. I want to build memories and color in my mind, and share peace with people all over the world. I want to improve who I am as a human being, and improve my perspectives through seeing others’. I hope to share some journaling on this page that includes stories, philosophy, and numbers as I stumble through this mysterious and wonderful existence.

Welcome to my blog!