Travel Consulting

Our mission is to empower travelers to jump out into the world by providing data-driven knowledge and foresight. Furthermore, we encourage an attitude that is rooted community and resourcefulness. Whether it’s tracking down unbeleivably cheap flights to recommendations about international connection strategies, our team of experienced dirtbags want to make your dreams a reality.

While we do have high priorities of monetary resourcefulness, our direct purpose is to enable people to build extended and international communities. We want to help get you connected with hosting organizations, understand projected costs, and tailor your trip to meet your needs. We mix planning and lack there of, to help you feel comfortable entering unknown space, while also having room to explore and make new decisions while you are there!

Pricing: completely free! Our writers just want to give back by sharing wisdom, and helping make the world a more understanding place.

Our Services

  • Flight Booking
  • Accommidation strategies
  • Packing recommendations
  • Country breifings
  • Itinerary planning
  • Expected Budget break down
  • Technology recommendations
  • cost:benifit analysis
  • Location matching
  • On the road support
  • Apparel recommendations
  • In person guiding

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