Balancing Spontaneity and Direction

I value spontaneity. I think that if I have no plan at all, then what lessons I’m meant to learn, I will. I have this worry that the more I plan, the more closed off I become to possibilities. That’s why I showed up in India with no plan, and ended up having the most guided and beautiful education. I couldn’t have asked for an experience that made me grow more. That was my first trip alone last year. So this time around, I aimed to do the same, just this time starting in Thailand and longer term. 
But in the long term planning can be important to having direction and being within budget. For example, I want to stay with Servas hosts and couchsurfing hosts, but it’s rude to ask such a big request last minute. It’s rude to expect people to be available at your whim, but planning where I’m going to be in two weeks feels defeating to me. I have found that this trip so far, hostels have worked best because of my general indecision. Hostels have been great- I’ve met so many people from all over the world and in short am having the time of my life. I like being available to join groups and buddy up with new friends. That much I have accomplished, but I am not feeling particularly like I’m on the right path either. 
My conclusion is that I need to have more direction than I currently do. I can plan ahead while still following my heart. I just need to find a balance between the two. 

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