I thought I would be tired and worn out traveling, but I actually feel like I’ve tapped into this endless supply of adrenaline. I have been so comfortable in the places I’ve stayed. I just finished a 4-night stay at this lovely hostel with comfy quilt comforters, white sheets, and dark wood bunkbeds. The stairs up are beautiful wood and the lounge area was lovely to hangout in. It’s outdoor with pillows covering the wooden furnature, a big family style wooden table, and lots of travelers hanging out day and night.
I got in a motorbike accident a few days ago. It was really scary. The brake handle is the same as the accelerator, and when I was trying to brake hard, I accelerated hard instead. It resulted in me and Mariah sliding on the bike across the pavement, a fucked up bike, and luckily just a few cuts and bruises. I’m healing well, and nothing seems to be infected.
My shoes are really painful to walk in. I’ve been tucking the heel down to walk because that seems to be the best way of solving the discomfort. I wish I had just brought my bedrocks instead. Now I have a spot on my pinky toe, I think from how I was wearing these shoes, where the nail is separating from the skin. So I’m in the market for some new shoes or hoping this is just the breaking in period.
I feel overall very content and happy. Not lonely, not scared, not anything negative really. I’m on an overnight sleeper train to Bangkok at the moment, and then I will head south from there. 

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