Mom In India

Holy cow! And what an appropriate phrase. My mother in India was the funniest and most wonderful experience of all time. Funny from the moment she got off the plane and a little girl gawking at her came up wanting to just shake her hand to being mauled by a passing-by cow to the sheer shock and quiet pleas of help in the back of an autorickshaw swerving through traffic.

It was like experiencing India for the first time all over again!! I couldn’t stop laughing. There are so many shocking aspects of India that are difficult to explain. For example, the sheer attention you get being a foreigner. We couldn’t sit anywhere too long of we would be pulled into a que of people who eagerly requested selfies with us. Once it got going, every neighboring person felt bold enough to chime in too, “One more selfie miss?” Me and my mom would just giggle at how unbelievable it all was.

I loved watching these Indian 20-year-old bachelors that were maybe a few inches shorter than my mom, get all giddy as they posed with her for a picture. I couldn’t but laugh. It’s my mom! They’re trying to pose with her as if to say, ‘yeah, she’s my girlfriend.’ But that was a small abnoxious measure on the scale of shock. Most things were absolutely wonderfully shocking. The intense seemingly-unrecognized absolutely beautiful architecture is another. We ran through mazes of building giggling at each other, and exclaiming in disbeleif, “How does this exist??” and “Why is no one here?” and “Why doesn’t anyone know about this place?” I’m not kidding! It was unreal. But I can’t even begin to describe it. You just have to ask her… or better yet, come.

India is a place that will change you forever. It resonates in your mind and your heart in a way that’s unlike any place I’ve ever known. Maybe it’s the poverty, or the industrious way of life, or the beautiful way everyone looks in each others eyes. But there’s something here that is missing from the western world that I’m just starting to understand.

I’ll take a jab at explaining it. The united states way of life is the dominant culture I have always known. Within that culture there are many sub cultures, all of which lead to a broader understand of a collective truth. We understand the taboos and manners of our society without having to say that we do. But what if you took all those rules that you innately understood and flipped them on their head. Okay, none of these apply anymore. It’s a level of freedom and awe and introspection that is caused by being so far from what I know.

Something really simple as an example, touch. There was this rickshaw driver that took out a cloth from his pocket, and wiped my moms face with it after she put water on her face. Men walk around holding hands so sweetly, but will shout out insults while still dangling pinkis.

There’s a lot more to say… but I’ll have to return to this post

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