Words of Wisdom/Worry

If you want to travel, chances are you’re going to have people giving you words of wisdom and worry. I am so lucky to have friends and family that want updates of where I am. People are afraid for my safety.

Well, I am too. I’m very afraid. But I am also very curious. I am ready to see another piece of the world. This is choosing an experience as much as choosing to go to a music festival is. The world is dangerous, but we are also more aware of danger than ever before.

In this day, my brother is criticized because he walks to school alone. When 10 years ago, the same Moms were being free in their own ways. Maybe it was cutting off all her hair. Maybe it was exploring the fun of promiscuity. Maybe… Maybe it’s all just as scary anyways- so you might as well follow your heart.

I trust the good in people enough to believe that I will find my way without harm. The crime rates are high in the US too, but that doesn’t stop me from buying groceries.

I love how lucky I am to have words of wisdom and worry. But I cannot bear to live in a world that I can’t see myself. There’s too much color to explore for me to just sit in my bleak existence.

Welcome to World Trotter.

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