Flight to LA 

I’m going to see my family this weekend! It’s funny how my flight from Arcata to LA is more expensive than my flight to Thailand. Yet you say you’re flying to LA and people understand, but when you say you’re flying accross the world people say, “How can you afford that?” It’s almost ironic how you really don’t need nearly as much money to travel as you think. 

I’m currently standing in line at the airport. Awaiting a check in ticket of some kind. I’ll be in Portland in a few hours in a circular route to Los Angeles. I am aware of the carbon footprint of flight, but people still follow the economy.

I’m so excited to see my family. The last visit was in June. It’s been 4 and a half months that I’ve been a party of one. I miss my clan, my tribe, my family. 

My grandma just called me by mistake. “Oh Raleigh. I didn’t mean to actually call you. I was thinking of you and accidentally called.” I could hear the excitement in her voice. I am loved!! 

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