Getting my 10 yr Visa to India!!

I have never been so excited to see my name on a piece of mail. A shiny simple cardboard envelope holding the one thing I had been most expecting. It’s my passport with a new edition: a Visa to India… that expires in 2026!

It was a bit of a complex application and I was really worried with all the waiting time, but it was well worth the joy I felt today. I cannot believe that am allowed to come and please from the borders of India!

I feel like the worry of this visa have been looming over my head since I sent my passport out in the mail a month ago. This is real.

To think about:
What are you going to be disappointed about when you go? (Reality is everywhere)
I hope I treat myself to enough rest. I hope I am happy and comfortable. I hope that I come upon all that I might need. I hope that I am not relying too much of my happiness on the novel excitement of a journey.

What questions do you really want to observe?
I want to observe what social norms arranged marriages have on people my age. I want to see what social solutions India has for poverty. I want to see how climate change has made an impact. I want to sit in tea shops and write. I want to take photographs and blog. I want to write about philosophies and thoughts.

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