Alexia always talks about practicing awareness when eating. Movies frequently reference love as a secret ingredient to a recipe. Ha- so it’s reassuring when yoi sit down at a street stall, put down your heavy pack, enjoy the shade, and hear humming as your fresh veggie noodle soup is being made. Back home, my favorite dish was Pho. I would spend easily $10 each time I ate it. Here in Thailand, I am absolutely spoiled with noodle soup. I’ve been eating it daily, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. 
Over confident, I just walked twenty minutes in the wrong direction. Normally, that wouldn’t bother me, but with a heavy pack, a sunburt body, and a bit of a hangover made for a bad walk. 
But it also made this soup all the better. I’ve been thinking of my friend Corbin because walking with a backpack is almost a posture trainer, and that’s Corbin’s claim to fame in a way. He told me, “My goal for our friendship is for one day you to stand up straight.” 
Walking with a pack is posture training and peace training. Can I still find peace and silence in my mind instead of cursing for turning my 20 minute walk into a 60 minute walk. Is it enough for me to cave and spend 150 Baht on a tuk tuk? I walk on. In awareness. In worship. And now, humming. 

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