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How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Thailand?

From island hopping to quiet days in the north, Thailand has a range of landscapes to delight you, and a range of daily costs as well. Here is a short summary of how much I spent in the course of 18 days. My accommodations was nearly always hostels or the occasional beach hut. I ate out every meal, generally along the lines of savory noodle soup or other tasty Thai favorites. I also traveled frequently. The longest I ever stayed in one place was 5 days, and it was much more common for me to move after only two. Therefore, my costs in Thailand were transportation heavy. Although much of the cost from transportation was accumulated through taxi rides as well.

Simple answer: $25/day

In 18 days in Thailand I spent:
$85 on food (19.3%)
$84 on accommodation (19.1%)
$60 on buying things (13.6%)
$156 on transportation (35.5%)
$47 on attractions (10.7%)
$8 on beers (1.8%)
total: $440


I covered this distance from North to South. Covering the areas of Chiang Mai, Pai, Bangkok, all over the Islands of Krabi, Ko Lanta, and Hat Yai.


Overall, Thailand was very affordable with most hostels being under $5 and meals under $4. Thailand street food is exciting and vibrant! The never ending summer makes this country a year round paradise, attracting tourists from every corner of the globe. I recommend it to someone who is interested in meeting backpackers, trying great food, swimming a lot, and entering into the beautiful world of South East Asia.

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