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Traveling Malaysia: All the Numbers

Malaysia is a beautiful country, with a higher amount of English speakers than Thailand. It’s also considerably more westernized. I assume because of the huge Straight of Malacca, which is a trade route between China and India. I loved exploring this country. From canals to national parks to rolling tea gardens to even quite fun night life, Malaysia was a wonderful place to spend a couple weeks.

I spent 16 days in Malaysia and spent a total of $376 in the following breakdown.

Average/day: $23.50

Food: $115.00 (30.5%)
Accommodation: $65.00 (17.3%)
Transportation: $150.00 (39.8%)
Purchases: $39.00 (10.4%)
Drinks: $7.50 (2%)


I traveled by land from Thailand, arriving in George Town, Penang. The island of Penang is half bustling city and half national park. The noise is polar in these two ends of the island. Beware swimming! There is a large jelly fish population and if you stand on the peir (at Turtle beach) you can count them in the hundreds. I found some hostels as cheap as $3 a night, and some places I spent as much as nearly $9 a night. I considered going all the way down to Singapore, which is supposed to be nothing but shiny skyscrapers and luxurious everything. It’s definitely a western country, but I opted to just stay in Malacca for an extended period of time instead.


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